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GHE - TriPart Base Nutrients

GHE - TriPart Base Nutrients

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  • 3-part feed gives absolute control over your plant’s nutrition
  • 3 parts contain all elements required for growth
  • Easy to use with impressive results – Lucas Formula
  • Suitable for all mediums
  • range of sizes

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Your choice of ratio and concentration

General hydroponics TriPart Nutrients (Grow, Micro & Bloom) allows you to match the needs of your plant through its different stage by changing the ratios between the 3 liquids, as well as their concentration.

Plants benefit from an appropriate diet. Different types of plants have significantly varied nutritional needs, and these needs change during each growth cycle. With GHE TriPart base nutrients, the gardener can tailor the feed to the plant’s requirements.

The Flora Series was first formulated in 1976 and is the original three-part hydroponic-based nutrient system. Thanks to its quality ingredients, consistent performance and unparalleled results it continues to be very popular because of the versatility it gives the gardener.

With a favourable dilution rate, TriPart base nutrients are easy to use and provide amazing results. That’s why growers globally use the GHE TriPart base nutes. The 3-parts are essential for anyone trying the ‘lucas formula’ which is one of the easiest ways to get good results in a wide range of soilless applications.

Good Things Come in Threes

Flora Series consists of three highly concentrated liquid nutrients, use all three in combination as a complete base nutrient:

  • FloraGro builds strong roots, stems and foliage during a plant's vegetative stage.
  • FloraMicro is used both during a plant's growth and bloom cycles.
  • FloraBloom is added while a plant is fruiting and/or flowering.

  • By using different combinations of these products during the appropriate phases of growth, you can fulfil each plant's exact nutrient needs based on its growth stage and environment. Your plants will receive the ideal balance of primary, secondary and micronutrients - the results will show. Get ready for vigorous plants, large flowers, enhanced yields and dense crops.


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