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Myco Chum

Myco Chum

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  • Feeds the friendly microbes in the rhizosphere
  • Premium ingredients; 100% natural and organic
  • Supports larger, tastier yields


Myco Chum is a super charger for your microbes and sweetener for your fruits.

During the vegetative stage, myco chum will feed beneficial bacteria and provide the nutrients and trace elements required to build a strong root and stem structure.

During flower, The carbohydrates in myco chum support a higher sugar content in your fruit (higher brix) giving a sweeter, more aromatic end result.

The complex blend of molasses, fish hydrolysate, liquid kelp, humic acids includes both macro and micro-nutrients which help push plants to the maximum performance.

NPK : 1-0-3

How to use Plant Success - Myco chum

Methods of application:

1. watered into the rootzone once a week.

2. brewed in a bucket with a bubbler to make a compost tea.

Use Myco Chum through all phases of growing as a treat for your plants for exceptional results.


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