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Optilux 600W X-CMH 4K Agro-Power - Vegetation Lamp

Optilux 600W X-CMH 4K Agro-Power - Vegetation Lamp

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  • Full Spectrum bulb suited throughout the lifecycle
  • 950 μmol / 54,000 Lumens
  • Unbelievable low price
  • 1-year warranty
  • CE, FCC, UL & ROHS approved
  • Use with 240 V magnetic or digital ballast

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What is the Optilux 600W X-CMH 4K Agro-Power Lamp?

The Optilux 600W X-CMH 4K Agro-Power grow light produces a PAR output of 950 μmol or 54,000 Lumens. 4K light is classed as a “cool white” which is a full-spectrum lamp. These lamps give the best results when used for the vegetative stage of a plant's lifecycle.

4K for Power - 3K for Flower

The Optilux 600W X-CMH 4K Agro-Power lamps are best suited for growing strong plants from seed or propagating through vegetation right up to flowering, where you'll want to swap to a 3K Optilux Flowering lamp.

Why Use A 4K Lamp?

4K light is similar to natural sunlight during morning or afternoon hours. This colour temperature outputs more blue to encourage strong, early vegetative growth. The 4K part of the spectrum mimics the light emitted by the mid-summer sun, early in the morning and later in the afternoon.

Spectrum Output

The Optilux 600W X-CMH 4K Agro-Power bulbs offer a 950 μmol / 54,000 Lumens output.

Check out the spectrum graph below, to see the lamp's output. This lamp outputs the full range of the spectrum, but is best suited to the vegetation stage of all flowering plants.

Optilux_600W_X-CMH_4k_Light Spectrum

Agro Power Bulbs

Agro-Power bulbs are tested against the best-selling commercial agricultural lamps with similar or better spectral results.

Full Spectrum Bulbs for Better Plants

Using Full Spectrum Bulbs will dramatically increase the quality you get over using a traditional HPS lamp. These bulbs offer you a balance of red and blue light. This is achieved by tweaking the anatomy of a traditional bulb to increase blue and UV light. Increased blue light facilitates healthy leaf growth during vegetation and reduces stretch at the onset of flower. UV helps to produce more essential oils as the plants works to protect itself from UV exposure.

How to Use the Optilux 600W X-CMH 4K Agro-Power Lamp

Install your lamp into a reflector with an E40 mogul fitting – make sure you screw it in firmly to ensure contact between electrical connections.

We recommend changing your bulbs after each cycle or at 4-to-6-month intervals to maintain your yield – the bulb decreases in output over time so change them before light levels drop enough to reduce your yield.

This bulb is compatible with 240 V ballasts that are able to support 600W lights.


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