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GrowDog Soil Perlite mix 40L

GrowDog Soil Perlite mix 40L

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  • Compaction resistant
  • Perfect organic mix of water retention, drainage and aeration
  • Unique Blend encourages fast and prolific growth
  • Rich source of organic and mineral nutrition
  • Beneficial microbes facilitate fast root development and growth

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A Perfect Soil Perlite Blend – pre-fertilised to ensure outstanding results!

GrowDog Soil Perlite mix is a great general purpose compost with a superb mix of moisture retention and drainage. It is made from a mix of premium, weed-free Irish blended peat and 20% perlite for added aeration and drainage.

Enriched with Natural Soil Improvers

Growdog Soil Perlite mix is enriched with natural humic soil improvers, base fertilisers, mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria. It is a medium to heavy fertilised soil substrate. It contains enough plant-available nutrition to feed for 2-4 weeks before starting your feeding regime.

The blend includes beneficial microorganisms, promoted to grow thanks to the high water retention which provides them a source of food and water. The strong aeration qualities of the substrate allows them to breathe.

Being organic and bio-dynamic, Growdog soil enables you to elevate crop flavour profiles to the next level. It allows your plants to reach their true genetic potential. Growdog soil will bring stunning results to your garden through its symbiotic relationship with beneficial microorganisms. This soil is an easy to use, natural approach to indoor gardening.

Pair with air pruner pots to provide roots an unrestricted environment for unparalleled growth. More roots = More fruits!

Sub-Optimal Conditions

This soil blend will insulate plant roots and can help to protect against cooler, winter temperatures. For the best results, we recommend maintaining a consistent growing environment for your plants. Generally speaking, maintain daylight growing temperatures around 25C (77F) and nighttime temperatures no lower than 18C (64F).

Suitable Systems

Garden tip:

  • In general, soil perlite mixes work best with infrequent watering. While the blend has good drainage, it’s recommended to soak the entire media and let your pots dry out before you feed again; maintain an oscillating wet and dry cycle.
  • If you're using a re-circulating system, we recommend using a suitable filter. Smaller particles can soon clog feed and/or return lines.

Dripper systems: Thoroughly water, allow the media to dry before feeding well again at the next feed.

Hand watering: At the most basic level, you can use the substrate in a simple hand watering system. Thoroughly water, allow the media to dry before feeding well again at the next feed.

How to Use

While the soil mix has good drainage, it’s recommended to let your pots dry out before you feed again; maintain an oscillating wet and dry cycle.

The bags can become compacted during transportation. Before decanting the substrate into your growing vessel, we suggest you fluff up the medium and break up any larger bits. You can do this while the bag is closed by tapping the sides like how you would fluff up a pillow.

For the best results, use a nutrient that’s been formulated for soil.


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