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Organ-X Desi Dust

Organ-X Desi Dust

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  • Protect against fungus gnat damage
  • 100% chemical-free - insects can't build-up resistance to the product
  • Safe to use indoors/outdoors in areas where animals and plants may be present
  • Suitable to apply directly to the backs of animals
  • The fine dust controls parasitic insects by abrasion

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What is Desi DUST?

Desi DUST is a non-chemical, mined, mineral product that eliminates crawling insects. It comprises of fossilised diatoms (single-celled algae). When processed to a fine powder and viewed under a microscope, the particles resemble shards of broken glass. Desi-DUST is highly effective when applied to areas where crawling insects live or pass through.

Protect Your Plants From Fungus Gnat Larvae

Use Desi-DUST to protect your growing medium against Fungus Gnats larvae. This common plant pest can invade your indoor grow space as it seeks the humidity and high moisture it needs to reproduce. You will initially notice the adults flying around your plants or near window's. The adult gnats become a flying nuisance, controllable with yellow sticky insect traps.

Fungus Gnat Lifecycle

The gnat's life cycle begins when adults lay eggs in your growing media. During the larval stage the tiny maggots damage your plants by feeding on the tender roots. Avoid this common problem by regularly treating the surface of your growing media with Desi-DUST.

How Does Desi-DUST Work?

The fine powder kills parasitic, crawling insects by abrasion.

Due to its non-chemical nature:

  • Insects can't build immunity or resistance against the product
  • It is safe to use in areas where animals may be present

Where to use Desi-DUST?

  • Spread Desi-DUST over your chosen growing media to protect against fungus gnats
  • Ideal for use in poultry sheds and domestic use against bed bugs
  • Also effective against red mite, fleas, earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, silverfish & carpet beetles
  • Effective against infestations of grain storage insects
  • Safe to use indoors/outdoors and around plants
  • Suitable to apply directly to the backs of animals


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