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SMC Spidermite Control 100ml

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  • Broad spectrum pest control, kills a range of insects
  • Highly conentrated, one 100ml pouch can make 4L of solution
  • Organic and pesticide free, safe to use around animals and children
  • Fast acting

SMC+ is a broader spectrum pest control product developed to target multiple pests rather than just spider mites.

Developed to safely control a range of pests including:

• Spidermites
• Greenfly
• Blackfly
• Whitefly
• Thunderfly

SMC uses a mechanical action whereby the solution completely covers trouble pests, including all stages of development (adult, juvenile and eggs). This covering suffocates pests without the need for pesticides.

Easy to use, simply make up a solution using 25ml of product to 1L of water in a sprayer and thouroughly mix. Mist both sides of the affected plant leaves – avoiding the flowers.

This product is ideal to use as a weekly preventative spray. Make sure you spray during the Night cycle and clean any residue off bulbs before they turn on.

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Brand Sun System
Size 100ml