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Origin Duo for 1m Slab (118CM X 56CM)

Origin Duo for 1m Slab (118CM X 56CM)

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  • Removes the hassle of watering
  • Easy to use with stunning results
  • Efficient - reduces Nutrient waste via re-circulation
  • Versatile - Use with Rockwool, Coco Slabs or with Pots!
  • Modular- Easy to expand to cover an entire space

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What is the Origin Duo Slab?

The Origin Duo Slab is a recirculating, active hydroponic drip irrigation system. Its low profile enables more of your space to be filled with foliage & fruit for legendary yields. The Origin Duo is perfect for anyone tight on headspace (height) due to the systems compact size.

The Origin duo uses the same principles as standard Origin Dripper Systems, but it’s a bit more versatile since you can use it with cubes, slabs and small square pots – The choice is up to you!

The Origin Duo is better suited to a higher stocking density of plants than potted Origin’s – It’s best to have short vegetative times or use species that stay short to medium unless you’re only planting one or two in the system, in which case a longer vegetative phase will be required to fill out the space.

With a Origin, you can provide the plant all the water and nutrition required, while still having plenty of access to Oxygen, giving you stunning results. When using a free-draining media like Rockwool, it’s almost impossible to over or under-water. If using Coco slabs, you’ll reduce the watering frequency due to the higher water retention of Coco Coir.

The Origin Duo Slab system is perfect for 1-metre Rockwool Slab or Coco Slabs, to grow anywhere from 2 – 10 fruiting annuals throughout an entire cycle. It can also be used with Cultilene 6-inch Cubes (or any other large blocks) as well as 6-litre Square Pots , making it a really versatile system.

Kit includes:

  • Nutrient Tank
  • Slab Support Tray
  • Maxi-Jet Pump
  • Delivery System and Drippers
  • Full Instructions


  • Length = 118cm
  • Width = 56cm
  • Height = 20cm

How Do I Use The Origin Duo for 1m Slab (118 cm X 56 cm)?

You’ll need 2 x 1-Metre Cultilene Horizontal Slabs or 2 x 1-Metre Coco Slabs and as many Rockwool Cubes for the number of plants you want to grow for each Origin Duo system.

Unlike other systems, Cubes placed into the Origin Duo don’t need to be root bound. The nutrient solution supplied from above will prevent roots drying out excessively.

For the best results, set the feed timer to irrigate little and often - i.e. a small amount of nutrient solution is fed frequently.

You'll want to use nutrients formulated for Hydro if using Rockwool, and if you're using Coco slabs, you'll use nutrients formulated for Coco.


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