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Sunmaster 600w High Output HPS Lamp

Sunmaster 600w High Output HPS Lamp

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  • 10% more light than a standard HPS lamp
  • Red output enhances stem elongation and flowering
  • 95,000 lumens


Lights ideal for a quick and easy setup

The Sunmaster 600w High Output HPS Lamp has been designed to be powerful, great value for money and completely economic & long-lasting. The manufacturer, Sunmaster, has years of experience behind them, with Sunmaster being a dedicated horticultural product manufacter. The strength of HPS lights is that the majority of the light is in the red and yellow spectrums which are the sections needed for rapid and strong development during the fruiting and flowering stages of the life cycle.

And unlike dual spectrum lamps, this lamp in particular is designed solely for use during the fruiting and flowering stages and will need to be partnered with a lamp that will account for the blue part of the spectrum during the vegetative stages of development, otherwise plants may not have a completely healthy development cycle. The truth of the matter is that most growers opt for a combination of both HPS and Halide lamps throughout the entire cyclical process, ensuring that for every two HPS bulbs, one Halide bulb is used. It should be noted, however, that this approach is only great assuming you have the space for it, in more compact environments you may wish to alternate between the two in-between the different stages of plant development.

It should also be noted that HPS lights do degrade and lose effectiveness over time, so in order to ensure maximum performance of your lights, we recommend replacing the bulbs at least once every 8 months.

Representing one of the best lamps on the market, the Sunmaster 600w High Output HPS Lamp has been designed to cover an area of up to 1.2 square meters and offers incredible performance with equally incredible value for money.


Brand Sunmaster
Burning Position Universal
Bulb Diameter (mm) 46
Bulb Designation T46
Cap / Base E40
Colour Temperature (K) 2000
Operating Current (Amps) 5.8
Chromotacity (CIE - X,Y) 530 425
Effective Arc Length (mm) 125
Light Centre Length (mm) 175
Input (V) 115V
Initial Lumens (Lumens @ 100 hours) 90000
Max. Bulb Temperature 400 (°C)
Max Overall Length (mm) 285
Min. Open Circuit Voltage (RMS) 198
Min.-Max.Starting Pulse (Peak V) 3800-4500
Min.Pulse Width @ 2700 Volts (µ sec) 1
Min. Pulse Rate Per ½ Cycle 1
PAR Watts 215
Power (W) 600W
Pulse Position (Min.% OCV Peak) 60-90240-270
Socket Pulse Rating (KV) 5
Rated Life (Hrs. @10Hr. /Start) 24000+
Typical Warm Up Time (Minutes) 3-5
Typical Hot Restart Time (Minutes) 1
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