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Sunmaster 600w 10k Finishing Bulb

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  • 600w 10000 kelvin bulb will work with existing 600w ballasts.
  • Heavy in Ultra Violet (UV) light to promote essential oil production.
  • Adds quality to several plant species in terms of flavour and aroma.
  • Should be introduced in the final 2 weeks (14 days).
  • Long-life bulb which maintains a high output.

Sunmaster Finishing Deluxe lamps are the best in the violet-blue end of the spectrum and give off the perfect light for the final stage in the growth cycle.

Sunmaster designs and manufactures a complete line of metal halide lamps with spectral output tailored to specific plant growth needs.

Sunmaster lamps promote higher levels of photosynthesis and are customised for various growth cycle stages.

Essential UV for the final stage in the growth cycle.

Improves aroma and flavours and helps ripen fruit and increase oil production with a long life and high output.

Most growers are familiar with swapping out their bulbs as their plants transition from vegetative growth to floral growth – this is because plants have different requirements depending on what stage of their life they’re in.

The Finishing bulb by Sunmaster works by stimulating the plants response against harmful rays and sunburn. The plant has its own inbuilt sunscreen which is the resin and oils on its surface – The production of which is up-regulated in response to the UV radiation.

How to Use:

You’ll want to swap your HPS bulb out for this finishing one towards the end of a cycle, for the last 7-14 days – The extra blues, violets and UV rays will help increase flavour and taste by increasing resin, terpene and sugar content.

Use of this bulb exclusively during flower can decrease your yields so we recommend that this bulb is used as a supplementary light alongside HPS lights to maintain yields (from the reds of HPS) while increasing overall quality.

Finishing bulbs work with standard 230v 600w ballasts both magnetic or digital but never use the overdrive function on the finishing bulb or metal halide lamps because they could explode!

We recommend using a finishing bulb alongside a flower booster as the extra nutrients provided by the booster will be used in the production of added resin content, encouraged by the finishing bulb.

More Information
Brand Sunmaster
Power (W) 600W