600w Grow tent kits

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600w HPS grow tent kits are a traditional option in a growing marketplace. Representing amazing value for money, HPS lighting fixtures are the cheapest horticultural fixture to initially purchase – allowing you to equip an indoor garden and get growing for next to nothing.

While HPS lighting is still popular for people kitting out temporary spaces, many growers are moving their garden over to more efficient options such as LED and CMH, which offer lower running costs as they produce more light for less power. LED and CMH options also produce a much more balanced spectrum, promoting plant health and increasing the quality of the product.

HPS fixtures are heavy in reds and oranges, so the lamps are only suitable for use during the bloom phase. Better growth traits can be seen from the use of a MH during vegetative growth which promotes close internodal spacing, setting a better structure to bring into bloom as each plant has the stricture to yield more.

As with all our tent kits, all components have been matched to each other so you can be sure everything is compatible and they’re cheaper than if you bought everything separately.

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