LED Grow Tent Kits

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Currently, LED Grow lights are the best option for growing indoors but that superiority comes with a higher price than other options. Don’t be fooled by cheap LED manufacturers claims; All our horticultural LED fixtures have been tested in their recommended footprints with excellent results, even on the most light-loving fruiting annuals.

Main reasons LED lights are superior to any other horticultural lighting options:

  • Highest efficiency – uses less electricity to produce more light!
  • Broad spectrum – balanced spectrum promotes better plant health and higher quality come harvest
  • Cool running – Less heat is produced by the unit

All of this comes together to make growing your favourite variety much more easily than traditional HID like HPS. See what CMH lights can do for your indoor garden and convert today!

As with all our tent kits, all components have been matched to each other so you can be sure everything is compatible and they’re cheaper than if you bought everything separately.

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