315w Grow Tent Kits

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Ceramic lighting is the latest, most efficient and widest spectrum high intensity discharge (HID) lighting currently available on the horticultural market.They’re great for indoor cultivation, so much so that many traditional HPS gardeners are completely re-fitting their indoor gardens with ceramic lighting. Plants grown under ceramic lights benefit in 2 main ways:

Higher efficiency – 315w CMH easily produce more than a 400w hps

Better spectrum – Expect an increase in quality, flowers smell stronger, chillies are hotter.

Each 315w grow light suites a footprint of between 75 x 75cm to 1 x 1m and is suitable for a plant’s entire lifespan. 930 3k agro red bulbs are best suited for flower but can also be used during the vegetative phase. The 942 4k blue bulbs will give a stouter plant in veg, with slightly closer internodal spacing. Our kits are supplied with a red lamp, but you can purchase a blue lamp separately.

As with all our tent kits, all components have been matched to each other so you can be sure everything is compatible and they’re cheaper than if you bought everything separately.

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