Propagation kits

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Complete propagation kits contain everything you need to successfully root your cuttings in a separate, dedicated space. Using a complete prop kit frees you up for this important stage in any plant's life. A complete propagator kit helps you to avoid any interruption to your main grow tent. A propagator kit provides the optimal environmental conditions to ensure fast rooting times and a high strike rate. A propagation grow tent kit provides a protected and enclosed environment for your seedlings, and cuttings, giving them the best possible start. Our propagation grow kits are perfect for growing from seed or for rapidly rooting cuttings from mother plants. Propagation kits make it easy to replicate conditions for fast, healthy white roots from almost all species of plants.

Propagation grow kits are intended to raise plants to the pre-veg stage. When they're ready for aggressive vegetative growth, you'll need to move your plants to a larger area, like a dedicated grow tent, greenhouse or grow house.

As with all our tent kits, the components are hand-picked to match each other. We do this to take the work out of choosing, it ensures everything is compatible. Our tent kits are discounted, so they're cheaper buying everything separately.

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