Propagation Grow Tent kits

Our complete propagation kits contain everything you need to successfully root your cuttings in a separate, dedicated space, with no interruption to the rest of your garden. Optimal environmental conditions are easy to reach and maintain to ensure fast rooting times and high strike rates. Protected and enclosed in their own space, your cuttings can get the perfect start to their life consistently. Whether purchased to facilitate young plants for your indoor garden or to take cuttings for next year’s season outside from particularly well-performing plants, it will be easy to get consistent, easily replicable fast healthy white roots from almost all species of plants.

The propagation tent kits are compact and will not be suitable to house a plant for its entire lifespan. At the very most, you’ll be able to pre-veg plants within the propagation chamber, but fruiting annuals will quickly outgrow the space and require a larger grow tent to progress in its lifecycle.

As with all our tent kits, all components have been matched to each other so you can be sure everything is compatible and they’re cheaper than if you bought everything separately.

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