Fan Controllers

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Large amounts of air exchange are perfect for the summertime when you need to vent the hot stale air from your room. However, during the cooler months, you’ll want to slow your extraction down, and allow the air to heat up to optimal levels to facilitate your plant's growth. Only running your fans, particularly EC fans, at the speed they need to, will save you money over time. We stock a range of fan controllers to suit your extraction fans, so you can set your fan to the exact speed required. Fan Speed Controllers can also seriously reduce the amount of noise generated by your fan whilst still maintaining airflow, so your fan won’t be as intrusive, or noticeable, wherever it’s situated. For more information on controlling your fans, and how to use controllers in your indoor garden, read our buyer's guide below.

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Fan Controllers

During the summertime, ambient temperatures can cause your indoor grow room temperature to soar which is why many growers keep their fans running at 100% during the hottest period of the year, especially during heat waves.

During colder months, the speed of the extraction must be slower than in the hot summer months to give the air time to heat up from your growroom equipment. While some indoor gardeners use two separate extraction setups - it’s much easier to install a controller on your existing fan and filter as you won’t have to deal with removal and reinstallation of different equipment every time the weather changes. Controllers are easy to install, you just plug them into a socket like a timer - then you're ready to go.

Resistive Controllers

Resistive controllers are the cheapest option for controlling your fans but they shouldn’t be used on fans larger than 10 inch (250mm) as the power output is limited. Fans on resistive controllers use the same amount of electricity as when running at 100%, so you won’t make any savings on your electricity bill. The initial outlay of resistive controllers make them a good option for temporary gardens that require budget gear. Resistive controllers can make a fan hum more due to the way the controller pulses electricity. We no longer stock resistive controllers because advancements in controller technologies mean the other options are much more useful in a hydroponic setting.

Variac Controllers

Variac Controllers step the voltage up or down in set integers, slowing the fan by reducing the voltage the fan receives. Variac controllers are the cheapest option for slowing your fans without the possibility of producing a humming noise but they’re generally more expensive than resistive controllers and don’t offer as much versatility as hybrid controllers.

Hybrid Controllers

Hybrid Controllers utilise variac style components to step down the voltage but the variac is controlled with on-board electronics so continuous variation can be achieved by the user; running fans anywhere from 0-100% capacity with no additional humming. Due to the on-board circuitry, hybrid controllers allow the user greater precision and choice and aren't much more expensive than a variac or resistive type controller..

Frequency Controllers

Frequency controllers are one of the latest additions to the fan controllers line-up. They work by chopping up the sine wave of electricity and altering both the frequency and voltage to vary an AC Fans motor. This has the effect of using less electricity and the fan acts more like an EC fan. Frequency Controllers are the ultimate in current technology for controlling AC fans.

EC Controllers

EC controllers only work with EC motors such as the hyper fan or revolution vector - these are the newest technology for extractor fans and allow accurate control with 1% increments and digital display for easy operation. EC fans offer massive electrical savings over AC fans as they move a lot more air watt for watt.

If you’re unsure which fan controller is best suited for your requirements and fan, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 who can advise you on the best solution for your plant type, budget, experience level and space.