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Grow Tents are the perfect solution to create an enclosed space for growing plants indoors. We stock a massive range of indoor grow tents in different sizes to suit your requirements and available space. Stock available online for fast shipping. For more information, Read our buyers guide below or get in touch with one of our in-store experts.

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Grow Tents

It's Intense Growing In Tents

Selection of a proper grow tent for your size of space, number of lights and intended number of plants is essential to maximise your efficiencies and get the largest yield of high quality produce possible. Your tent contains the entire environment for your plants and optimizes the other components essential to plant growth such as lighting by increasing reflection. A grow tent can be much more easy to install than a DIY solution

All our grow tents are completely light-tight so the room in which the grow tent is in can still be used without keeping your plants awake or affecting the plant's growth. Also, the grow tents won’t spill light out so the tents won’t affect you either! Light leaks could be a problem if you were trying to sleep in the same room.

We find that most of our customers have about 4 plants per m2 but It’s impossible to advise on the number of plants a tent can take as it heavily depends on how big you intend to grow your plants; In the right system and if given enough vegetative time, a single plant can fill out a large area.

All of our tents are supplied with: catchment trays to reduce the chance of water leaks, roof support bars to hang your equipment from and an internal reflective coating.

We supply a range of grow tents from top brands including BudBox, Secret Jardin, Culti-Lab and GreenQube.

There’s a number of differences between the various brands, with cheap grow tents generally having fewer features than their premium counterparts. Some features seem unimportant when you initially buy your tent but there are some considerations to make if you are going to upgrade your equipment in the future:

  • The number of ventilation socks may stop you from using air-cooled reflectors.
  • A low amount of inspection holes will reduce you and your plants mobility when your tent is filled with foliage and it may be hard to reach the plants at the back.
  • Weight ratings will limit the amount and size of equipment you can hang in your tent.

Just have a look around at the various options to see what grow tent best suites you, if you still can't find what you're after, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 as we can even manufacture tents to your specification.