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Plant Pots, Trays & Saucers are used by hobbyist and professional gardeners all over the world. Using Plant Pots, Trays, and Saucers are traditional methods of growing all kinds of plant's. They offer an affordable method to get your garden producing. Our range of plant pots come in a variety of sizes. Plant pots are sold to match the large range of trays and saucers to put them on. At the basic level, you can hand water your pots. If you want to automate your irrigation, but still use pots, look to our unidrain systems. Our plant pots, trays, and saucers are sturdy, robust, and reusable. Read our buyer's guide below for more info on Pots and Trays.

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Buyer's Guide

Plant pots, Trays & Saucers

Plant Pots are a cheap, versatile method of growing your plants. Easily expandable, it’s straightforward to add or remove pots from your garden. Fill your pots with soil or coco coir, which are both forgiving of errors when compared to some hydroponic techniques. You can choose to hand-water your pots or automate the feed schedule with the use of a dripper system.

The types of pot available include: Fabric Root pouches, Air pots, Black Round Pots, Black Square pots and Black Round to Square pots. All pots come in a range of sizes so make sure you look around for the size of pot you’re after.

We also offer several options for water catchment – so you can water until run off to ensure your plants are thoroughly saturated, without the risk of leaks and spills. Saucers have space for single containers, allowing you to move plants around the room easily, while trays can accommodate several pots on one tidy, easily manageable unit. We stock several sized trays to accommodate different size and shaped pot. Our trays also have different footprints, so make sure you purchase one that will fit in your space.

There are also automatic catchment options that you can build yourself to automatically drain your run off, spillage to waste. This means you’ll never have to collect and manually pour away your waste water again.

If you need more info on pots and trays or how to use them, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 who can advise you on a suitable option bearing in mind your requirements.