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Integra boost Humidiccant

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  • 2-Way Humidity Regulator.
  • Removes or Adds moisture to maintain an ideal 55% humidity.
  • Perfect moisture content every time with no fuss.
  • Increase in product shelf-life; fresh for longer.
  • No dry or crispy material as moisture never gets too low.
  • Prevents mould as moisture never gets too high.
  • Preserves smell and taste of dry material – can even improve smells.
  • Individually wrapped sachets – last for 2 years sealed on shelf.
  • Retain the weight of the product – no losses as material dries.
  • No negative impact.

Curing brings the best out of your finished plant material – whether Lavender, Sage, rosemary, Basil or Thyme, proper curing techniques will reduce harsh compounds like chlorophyll and improve flavours through increasing sugar content. The trouble with curing is it’s one of the hardest things in hydroponics to get right – and once ruined it’s impossible to get the original smell and flavour back. Dry your material as normal and add an Integra Boost to maintain an assured humidity in your storage vessel, you’ll never impart a nasty flavour on your hard work again!

The process of curing allows time for the complex compounds such as chlorophyll to be broken down into more simple compounds and carbohydrates into sugars making the material sweeter. Curing requires moisture which is provided and maintained at an ideal level by the Integra Boost. Too much moisture will allow mould and bacteria to take hold in your plant material, so humidity should never exceed 65%, while too dry an environment can lead to crispy material that quickly loses its smell. Our Integra Boost packs gain and maintain the humidity at 55% or 62% so your produce will be in the optimal humidity for curing, without being too moist or too dry.

With the correct size of Integra boost in your curing container, any excess moisture will be absorbed while the Integra boost will release moisture when the plant material or container is too dry. The perfect relative humidity will be maintained leading to the perfect cure and storage conditions.

Which Integra Boost Humidiccant? 55% or 62%

The folks at Integra make a 55% and a 65% humidiccant pack; which one you prefer is just a matter of taste – with the 62% humidity pack maintaining your produce at a slightly higher humidity. We find our lavender stored in 55% packs still have some crunch to them while the lavender stored with 62% packs is squishier to touch and more fragrant. Its amazing how much difference 7% humidity can make. If you've never used integra boost before, we recommend getting a few of each flavour so you can test the difference for yourself.

If you’re after more info on the 62% Integra Boost, the 55% Integra Boost in any size or if you’re after large quantities, get in touch with our expert team on 0800 085 7995 who can further advise you.

Integra Boost is manufactured from food safe material with no salts. These packs won’t have any negative impact on your produce, only bringing the positive effects of a proper humidity-maintained cure. Pick a suitable size and see what Integra Boost can help you achieve.

How to use

Tear open the transparent plastic sachet surrounding the white interior sachet – make sure not to puncture or rip the inner white packet.

Insert the humidiccant pack along with the indicator strip into your jar or zip zag bag and leave it to do its thing.

Make sure you put the indicator strip inside your vessel along with the plant material and Integra Boost – when the dot on the indicator turns blue, it’s time to swap out the Integra Boost to a new one.

Recommended Integra Boost Dosing

Integra Boost 8g – up to 28g.

Integra Boost 67g – up to 450g of dry material.

These are just guidelines as the minimum ratio between the Integra boost and dry plant material you can get away with – Altering or maintaining humidity at the packs limit will take a longer amount of time and reduce the packs life as it’s working harder. The life span is up to a year with one of these packs depending on the amount of material you’re using it on and how regularly you open the container.

Try to store containers in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight or HID lights.

(refrigerators are not cool & dry but cold and promote moisture due to the fluctuating temperatures from the door opening and closing.)

Please note that the Integra Boost Indicator strip may turn blue when you first open it and put it into your container if your product is overly dry – it will stabilize over a 48hr period and will return to pink or purple once the environment, plant material and humiddicant equalise humidity.

You can use as much Integra Boost per container as you want as there will be no negative effects – The Integra Boost will be able to react much faster to changes in humidity and will last much longer because the ingredients won’t have to work as hard.