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Lighthouse Oil Filled Radiator

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  • Quickly warms a large area
  • Compact – More floor space for plants
  • Adjustable Thermostatic Control
  • Suitable for medium and large tents as well as rooms
  • 2 sizes available: 1000w & 2000w

Maintain stable temperature and humidity in your grow room or greenhouse and you’ll notice the results.

Compact and powerful oil radiator to take the chill from any room. During the colder months of the year, your grow room will require additional heating to stay at the optimum temperature of 25 °C during the lights on period & no cooler than 18 °C during the dark period. This will best facilitate plant growth allowing you to get the best results possible in your garden.

Oil-filled radiators wont dry the air excessively like fan heaters can, but a drop in humidity is expected due to the relationship between air temperature and humidity.

Many growers pre-warm the room for around half an hour before lights go out, ensuring there is not a huge drop in temperature as lights go off. When this happens, the amount of water the air can hold as humidity drops, leading to water condensation on plants which can cause them to rot, particularly in the later stages and during ripening.

Both variants of oil filled radiator have multiple oil filled fins that allow the heat to be evenly distributed around the room. We recommend you keep plants around a foot (30cm) away from the radiator while it’s in use to prevent drying them out.

The wattage quoted for each radiator is it’s maximum output, It’s unlikely they will constantly use that much power unless your in a particularly cold area like a shed. The heater will turn on when it senses the temperature is below the user set thermostat, when the radiator reaches the temp, it turns off and then repeats this cycle.

1000w / 2kw Oil Filled Radiator Tech Specs:

  • On/Off switch
  • The 1000w version just has one setting; 1000w / 1kw
  • User adjustable Thermostat
  • Up to 3m x 3m coverage
  • Unit size: 35 (L) x 35 (H) x 15cm (W)

2000w / 2kw Oil Filled Radiator Tech Specs:

  • On/Off switch
  • 2 settings: 800w and 2000w
  • Castor wheels for portability
  • User adjustable Thermostat
  • Up to 4m x 4m coverage
  • Cord storage

How to use:

We recommend using these electric heaters alongside a Thermohygrometer, allowing you to monitor the swings in environmental variables. With an Air Comfort Thermohygrometer you can monitor these variables in real time, allowing you to precisely see when fluctuations happen so you can take remedial action and set your heaters to come on.

The speed that this heater is able to warm your grow space depends on other environmental conditions, including outdoor air temperature and the amount of insulation in the property. To find out what works best for you in your space, consider trying different settings and timings