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This section presents you with the latest additions & innovative new gardening products. We’ve witnessed the industry develop and mature. We know you want the right mix of information and new products to keep you ahead of the curve. These new products promise to help increase results in terms of yield and quality and make your gardening easier.

Stay at the forefront of your gardening - witness for yourself how new technology and small changes can make a huge difference.

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New Products

With the uptake of "grow-your-own" (fruit and vegetables) for both indoor and outdoor gardeners, new products are coming thick and fast. New-to-market gardening and homecare products are developed to make your life easier and improve your results.

We cover both traditional gardening and leading-edge Hydroponic technologies with a cross-over of the two styles. This means no matter how you garden, we're here to bring you all the benefits of highly technical hydroponic methodologies, and products, as well as covering traditional gardeners.

We list a range of brand new tools and gardening accessories that mean you can use us for your one-stop gardening needs.

Our purchasing team sources products from around the world and we won’t sell any product until it’s been tested to ensure it does what it says it will - you can be safe in the knowledge these new products will help you get better results.

If there’s a new product you can’t find on our site, please get in touch with us on 0800 085 7995 or via email and we can source it for you.