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16mm / ½ inch Threaded fittings (BSP)

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  • Effective way of controlling the amount of water you feed into the substrate
  • Schedule regular irrigation for healthy plants.
  • Simple and easy to connect
  • safer connections than standard barbs
  • Manufactured from quality materials
  • Ensure leak free fittings

Optimise your irrigation system and ensure it is always working at peak performance with a range of Threaded 16mm irrigation fittings and components.


Stronger than standard 16mm fittings, the threaded components resist damage if it is stepped on.


BSP is an acronym of British Standard Pipe; It’s a technical standard used across all of Europe – If you’re replacing parts on an existing system, these will likely be the replacements you require unless your using an American made system since a slightly different standard (NPT) is used.


The barbed design means it is simple and easy to connect, while the barb ensures a secure and watertight fit with pipes that are unlikely to slip out of position.


Any keen gardener will know the importance of even the smallest components when it comes to getting your plants fed.


16mm fixtures are a popular size, fitting several hydroponic systems. These components can be used with both manual and automated feeding systems. You can replace fittings in an existing system or build one from scratch!


With a high demand for water and nutrients, the most successful gardeners are those who use their resources efficiently. Key to efficiency when it comes to watering is the use of high-quality fixtures and components. These components meet the high standards needed to keep water and nutrient wastage to a minimum. The common half inch (16mm) fittings work with a variety of different components.


Male components go on the inside – Female components surround male ones. We stock a variety of BSP fittings:


16mm Barbed T Piece – Male BSP (2x 16mm barbed, 1 x Male BSP)

16mm Barbed T Piece – Female BSP (2x 16mm barbed, 1 x Female BSP)

16mm Elbow – Male BSP (1 x 16mm barbed, 1 x 16mm Male BSP)

4mm 8way manifold to 16mm Male BSP (8 x 4mm outlets, 1 x 16mm Male BSP inlet)

4mm nut outlet to 16mm Female BSP (1 x 4mm outlet, 1 x 16mm Female BSP)

Threaded Socket – 16mm Female BSP (2 x 16mm female BSP)


How to use:

These fittings will keep leak-free under a high pressure when hand tightened.


Threaded Male Tee 16mm barbed to 16mm M.BSP