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6-way Cane Connectors

6-way Cane Connectors

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  • Create your own custom plant support.
  • Support individual plants or an entire room!
  • Create a structure to support plants and fill out the entire space.
  • Uniformity of plant height increases productivity
  • Prevent heavy branches laying on the floor
  • Easy to use & versatile
  • Robust, long lasting and reusable

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Create Custom Plant Support – whatever your imagination can come up with!

These 6-way Bamboo Cane connectors feature slots that are set at 90 degrees to each other, allowing the user to create a sturdy structure to support plants. Particularly useful when using containers to grow plants, you can create a structure to support the plant in each container so individual plants can still be moved around inside the garden.

No tools are required to set up a frame, just push the connectors firmly onto your canes. We only stock 6-way connectors since they can do the job of the 3-way and 4-way while giving more options to change your structure at a later date.

These cane connectors can firmly attach onto sticks as thin as a pencil or up to around 1cm in diameter, so will work well with either end of all the bamboo support sticks we stock. The Polyurethane used is flexible so will expand to accommodate larger bamboo stakes, while being supported by structural inserts that prevent the stakes bending too far from 90 degrees.

How to use:

With these cane connectors, your imagination is the only limit to what type of support you can create.

Use in conjunction with plant netting for more options on getting the perfect spacing between branches.

If you’re concerned about the balls slipping under your huge yields, purchase a hose clamp worm clip to fasten the connector to the cane.

We recommend disinfecting your bamboo canes and cane connectors in-between each cycle to prevent any disease cross-contaminating your crops.


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