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Advanced Nutrients - PH Perfect 3 part Base

Advanced Nutrients - PH Perfect 3 part Base

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  • Stabilizes your pH within the optimal range: 5.5–6.3
  • 3-part premium base nutrient trio made with high quality ingredients
  • All Macro and micronutrients to sustain healthy plant growth
  • Amino acids, fulvic acid and powerful non-ionic surfactant boost results
  • unparalleled control to the grower
  • No more off-colour leaves, slow growth and low yields because of pH
  • Suitable for use in all system types

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pH Perfect® Grow, Micro & Bloom allows the grower a high level of precision of the nutrients delivered to the plants – While keeping your pH in the perfect range.

The base nutrients you choose will have a massive impact on the outcome of your crop in terms of yield and flavour as it’s the elements supplied in your nutrient solution that gets transformed into the building blocks of the plant.

Included ingredients, like fulvic acids ‘chelate’ nutrients, making them easier to uptake by the plant’s roots, allowing the nutrients to be assimilated into the plant’s mass quicker, leading to faster growing, higher yielding plants.

Benefits of advanced nutrients pH Perfect Base Nutrients:

Yield-potentiating nutrients and extensive scientific testing guarantees you get only the most potent, most proven nutrients in the correct ratios in pH perfect GMB.

Advanced carrier molecules – chelates – added to the pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom (GMB) formula ensure you get more of these important nutrients into your plants.

pH Perfect GMB delivers at least 31% more nutrients into plants, at least 37% faster, increasing yields while decreasing turnaround times, allowing the grower to use their space much more efficiently.

Advanced nutrients pH Perfect 3-part nutrient is formulated to spur healthy foliage and plant structures during vegetative growth and giant yields -

How Advanced nutrients – 3 part pH perfect works

Consisting of 3 bottles, Grow, bloom and micro, advanced nutrients pH perfect contains different ratios of micro and macro nutrients, allowing the grower to tailor their feeds to the plant’s requirements. ‘pH Perfect’ eliminates the need to manually check and adjust pH levels as it balances the H ions to ensure pH is always within optimal ranges.

As long as your water falls between 4.5 and 8.5 (which all potable water in the UK is), advanced pH perfect keeps your nutrient solution buffered throughout your plants’ growth and bloom phases!

If you’re looking for all the same great benefits in a easy to use 2-part format, look at Advanced Nutrients - Connoisseur A+B range

How to use Advanced Nutrients - PH Perfect 3 part Base

Mix equal proportions of Grow Micro and bloom – Advanced nutrients recommend an application ratio of 1:1:1 G:M:B.

Dilute into your nutrient reservoir according to Advanced Nutrients Feed schedule.

Vegetative: Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Grow: 1 ml/L
2 ml/L 4 ml/L
Micro: 1 ml/L 2 ml/L 4 ml/L
Bloom: 1 ml/L 2 ml/L 4 ml/L
Bloom: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Grow: 4 ml/L
4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L Flush
Micro: 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L Flush
Bloom: 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L 4 ml/L Flush


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