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Aluminium Reflective Tape

Aluminium Reflective Tape

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  • Strong, reflective and sticky
  • Make lasting garden repairs
  • Reflectivity helps maintain an optimal growing environment
  • Heat resistant: Stays sticky from -20 °C to 120 °C
  • Available in smooth or cross-weave

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Smooth reflective aluminium tape:

Aluminium Foil coated with a long-lasting acrylic adhesive with a release liner to protect the adhesive face. Complies with Class 0 and Class 1 fire regulations.

Smooth Size: 45m length, 72mm wide.

X-Weave reflective aluminium Tape:

Manufactured like duct tape, x-weave aluminium tape has a 5mm x 5mm grid made from glass fibre to reinforce the tape, making it more resistant to tearing and abrasion. Comes with a backing for easier application. Class 0 can be achieved when used with other suitable products.

Cross-weave size: 45m length, 75mm wide

How to use aluminium tape

You can use aluminium tape to make repairs to ducting; making sure no air can escape your extraction system. Aluminium tape can also be utilised when joining components together, such as ducting to fans and filters to ensure an air-tight seal.

You can also use aluminium tape when installing reflective sheeting to join the sheets together, while keeping a high amount of reflectivity

Make sure any items you intend using this on are clean, dust-free and dry.

Cut aluminium tape with scissors while it still has its backing on, the smooth version not tear cleanly like regular duct tape. Weave tape can be torn along the fibres like duct tape but a neater end-result will be achieved with scissors.

You may find it easier to stick aluminium tape in overlapping sections of shorter than 1m since the tape is very adhesive and may be impossible to separate without tearing if it sticks to itself.


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