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Amazon Aeroponic System

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  • Huge yields
  • Fast growth
  • Constant oxygen access for roots
  • Practical and easy to maintain
  • Tailored to your needs
  • No waste

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The Amazon is the ultimate system for the experienced grower looking for huge yields.


The Amazon is the highest-yielding Aeroponic growing system and it offers the exceptional root development of an Aeroponic Cloner throughout the full lifecycle!


Here at Future Garden, we can tailor these systems specifically to your requirements by drilling as many holes as you need! It all depends on how large you are prepared to grow each plant, as a single plant in the system can fill out a whole tent if given enough time. Send us an Email letting us know how many pot holes you require (Single Amazon, max 16; Double Amazon, max 32).
By default these will be sent out with no holes drilled unless advised otherwise by the customer at time of purchase.


Unrivalled Oxygen Access - In the Amazon, plant roots are suspended in a misting chamber where they have unrestricted access to Oxygen, Nutrients and Water. No other method of growing offers roots so much access to Oxygen.


Expertly Engineered – The mist mechanism has been expertly engineered to provide a perfect balance of Oxygen and Nutrient Solution without the need for a high-pressure pump and the misters are built to last.


Zero Waste – The only growing medium used is the medium that the plants are started in or, if transplanting from an X-Stream, no medium at all.


Performance – Incredible speed of growth and the biggest yields.


The Amazon enables virtually 100% of the roots to be exposed to Oxygen virtually 100% of the time - as Oxygen is so important for root growth, plant health and yield size it's no surprise that the Amazon produces the biggest yields.


Young plants or rooted cuttings are placed in mesh pots and hang down into the Amazon's misting chamber that sits on top of a nutrient solution tank. The roots are constantly misted with nutrient solution.


The misting mechanism took years in development so that the water droplet size is perfect. Too large a water droplet means less Oxygen is available to the root system. Too fine a water droplet produces excessive root hairs and not enough lateral root system.


The fact that the misting chamber is so Oxygen-rich also means that disease is prevented (because most root diseases can't survive in such conditions) so large numbers of plants can be grown in smaller spaces without the risk of disease. 


Each complete kit comes with:

  • A tank/reservoir, which is the base of the system and holds the nutrient solution

  • A Chamber tray, this forms the bottom of the chamber in which the roots grow, it has 2 channels to hold the spray bar

  • Spray bar, which sprays the chamber to give the perfect mix of nutrient solution to air for the roots

  • A top tray, which closes the chamber and prevents light from effecting roots

  • 80mm Net pots only need a handful of clay pebbles and allow the air and mist through

  • Neoprene 80mm collar sits inside the net pot, supporting the plant and preventing light from entering the chamber

  • Newa Maxi MJ 1000 pumps the nutrient solution through the spray bars into a fine mist which nourishes the roots. The return water getting funnelled through channels and passes back into the reservoir

  • 13mm Flexible Tubing to connect the pump to the sprayer bar

  • Product Specifications:

    SystemSize L x W x H cmNo. of Plants
    Single Amazon 82 x 74 x 38.5cm 4 - 32
    Twin Amazon 165 x 74 x 38.5cm 8 - 32

    How to Use:

    • The pump must be left on all the time while plants are in the system

    • The holes must be blocked so no light can get into the reservoir. If light does enter, algae may grow in the nutrient solution which can lead to blocked lines

    • You can transplant young plants into this system straight from propagators that use misting, or from Rootbound Rockwool Cubes or Rootbound Jiffys

    • There must be a strong root network before a plant is put into the system