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B'cuzz Soil Nutrition A+B 1L

B'cuzz Soil Nutrition A+B 1L

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  • Formulated for total plant health through growth and bloom
  • Professional grade bio-mineral compounds
  • For use in hand fed or dripper systems using soil
  • amazing value for money


Professional mineral nutrition without waste substances. Especially developed for the cultivation on soil. Only to be used in combination with B’cuzz Soil Nutrition A/B and boosters from the B’Cuzz / Atami range.

It’s been formulated for overall plant growth and will provide all the nutrition for healthy vegetative and floral growth. Noticeable improvements can be made with the use of a flower booster like Bloombastic during bloom.

NPK value:

Soil Nutrition A 3-0-3 (w/v)

Soil Nutrition B 0-3-4 (w/v)


Heavily fertilised soil: 1-3ml 1-3ml A and B per litre of nutrient solution.

Lightly fertilised soil: 1-5ml 1-5ml A and B per litre of nutrient solution.

Grow tips

The A and B concentrates may only be mixed with each other in combination with water.

Atami recommends the use of additives for optimal results.

Follow the Atami / B’Cuzz feed schedule for best results


Size 1 Litre

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