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Barnel Bypass Pruner

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  • Heavy duty, robust steel construction.
  • Replaceable high carbon steel blades.
  • Red colour so it’s easy to locate.
  • Lightly sprung to reduce hand strain
  • Length: 19cm.
  • Metal clip keeps blades closed when not in use.

Please Note: From November 1st, 2019, In accordance with the Offensive Weapons Act 2019, this product is prohibited for sale to anyone under the age of 18. Before the product is handed over, the courier will require age verification at the point of delivery. Alternatively, you can pick up in store and show your ID.

Also known as secateurs, Pruning shears, hand pruners or ‘dead headers’ as they remove dying flowers, are specialised heavy-duty scissors designed for cutting branches up to 2cm in diameter.

These pruners are short so you can get in amongst your favourite plants and still maintain accuracy in your cuts. The shears are operated by one hand, leaving one hand free. Bypass pruners work like regular scissors, with the blades passing each other as they cut.

The handles of these secateurs are lightly sprung so you only need to apply pressure to close the pruners – This will reduce hand strain on larger jobs.

Having the proper tools for the job can make your life much easier and jobs faster – most scissors designed for foliage trimming are purpose made for lighter work. If you need to cut larger branches, this bypass pruner is exactly what’s required to reduce both hand strain and scissor wear.

The Carbon steel will retain a sharp edge over a long time but make sure you keep the blades clean as they’ll begin to rust if left in contact with water or residue. We recommend cleaning them and applying a light layer of oil when not in use

The curve of the blades reduces the chances of branches slipping out so you can precisely cut the branch where you need.

These bypass pruning shears are intended for heavy work and don’t work well on lighter growth like foliage and new shoots – we recommend using the pruning shears to initially strip a plant from its skeleton, then using Chikamasa bonsai scissors for the bulk of foliage removal. If you want to go the extra mile for the look of your produce, use precision pruning scissors to get the perfect detailing and final look of your fruit and flowers.

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Brand Barnel
Size Buddhas Tree Coco A+B 10L