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Cultilab 1m x 1m 315W Ceramic Grow Tent Kit

Cultilab 1m x 1m 315W Ceramic Grow Tent Kit

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  • Complete CDM Grow tent kit
  • Produces amazing quality fruit and flowers
  • Full spectrum, highly efficient lighting
  • Perfect for mothers or up to 4 plants
  • 2 heights of tent available

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You won’t find a complete CDM grow tent kit cheaper anywhere

CDM lighting produces a full spectrum that will allow your plants to perform to their full genetic potential – watt for watt you get bigger yields that smell, taste and look better than traditional lighting methods like HPS.

Grow rooms that utilise CDM fixtures generally run a lot cooler than rooms using HID lighting so you can reduce the output of your extractor fan during cooler months and keep grow room temperatures closer to optimum during summer time heatwaves, while delivering the same intensity of light to plants across a much broader spectrum – You won’t have to dim your lights as it won’t get hot.

Remove the worry and hassle of calculating your lighting and ventilation requirements for your space; This kit contains everything you need to erect a 1m x 1m enclosed growing environment that is a properly ventilated, properly lit dedicated space that can get excellent results year-round!

We have a range of complete Grow Tent Kit's available, so have a look at our Kits Page for all the other options. If you’ve got the space available, you could even purchase several kits and use them in conjunction allowing you to have separate vegetative and flowering spaces. Using separate spaces for your different stages of plant, allows you to constantly have plants in flower and perpetually harvest your favourite crop.

The kit is easy to use, reliable and gives impressive results, all while being heavily discounted as a kit – You’ll save money when bought as a kit rather than individual components.

You’ll need to think about the method of growing you want to use to utilise the space. You can use pots and hand water which can be labour intensive or invest in a hydroponic system to keep your irrigation automatic, getting higher yields with less effort!

This tent kit comes without a substrate so you'll need to think about how you want to grow; At the most basic level you can use Soil and Pots with hand watering.

Alternatively you could use Coco Coir which is an inert medium, so you get a lot more control over precisely what nutrients the plants will get, you can hand water Coco Coir in the same way as soil or use an automatic watering system such as an Autopot: their 4 pot system would fit and work well with this tent kit.

There are a number of hydroponic options too, which generally require less vertical space than pots and soil so more of the tent can be filled with foliage! You'll need to purchase your substrate or hydroponic system separately.

You will also need to choose a range of Nutrients for your chosen medium and system, there are different lines from the various brands that cater for different growing methods; it all depends on what might suit your gardening style. Try to keep things simple by sticking to one nutrient brand so you can be certain the various products within the ranges have a positive overall effect and won't interact negatively with each other.

CultiLab Grow Tent 1m x 1m

CultiLab 100cm x 100cm x 180cm : The 180cm tall CultiLab is a dual purpose tent so you can use it vertically for a full cycle or flip it horizontally for propagation.

CultiLab 100cm x 100cm x 200cm : The 200cm tall CultiLab is a better choice for the kit if you’ve got the height available, as you can fill more space with foliage meaning slightly higher yields and better temperature control.

Grow Light Kit

Digilight Daylight 315w CMH Focus Light Kit (red): The Digilight Daylight (red) is perfect for use throughout an entire cycle, it’s perfect as a standalone light over a 1m2 footprint with unparalleled efficiency and full spectrum which will show in your final results in terms of quantity and quality.

Extraction System:

A 125mm RVK Extractor Fan : RVK Fans are workhorses of the grow room, reliably and consistently drawing stale air through your carbon filter.

5 Metre Cable with Plug : To provide power to your extraction system.

Assassin Carbon Filter 125 x 300mm Assassin Filters silently eliminate smells from your grow room!

5m Assassin Combi Ducting 125mm Combi Ducting is more rugged and has a slightly better acoustic performance than standard reflective ducting.

Grow Kit Included Extras

Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer

3 x Jubilee Clip 125mm

2 x Optilux Ratchet Hanger pairs

5 x Cable Ties - to keep everything tidy within the tent

3m of Reflective Aluminium Tape - to make sure there’s no leaks in your extraction

How to Use:

Complete set-up instructions are included with the kit

Please Note: In the event of stock shortages, alternative brands matching the same specification will be provided


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