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Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Fan Controller

Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Fan Controller

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  • Digital, variable speed, multiple, fan controller
  • Easy-to-Use LCD display.
  • Runs AC fans with absolutely no buzzing
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Available in 3A, 7A or 13A units
  • Plug n Play


The Latest in Digital Control for your Fans

A new slicker more controllable range of silent fan controllers that can run your AC extraction at super low speeds with absolutely no associated noise from the fans, thanks to the way the electrical signal is chopped through electrical circuitry rather than resistors.

These controllers also have a min-max fan speed adjustment from 10-100% for both the Air in and the Air out, this gives a bigger advantage over the SMS Hybrid controller as the minimum run speed is 20% and will enable lower fan speeds which means less noise when below the set temp.

The Control Freak is a frequency fan controller that will silently control fan speed operation with the latest digital temperature sensing technology available in 3amp, 7amp and 13amp versions that will control both extractor and intake fans very accurately.

Supply Voltage (All units): 220-240 ~ 50Hz so they're perfect for use in the UK.


Product Code Power Cable Length (m) Outlet Sockets (UK 3-Pin) Maximum Total Load (A) Sensor Cable Length (m)
FC3A 1.25 2 3A Total 4.5
FC7A 1.25 2 7A Total 4.5
FC13A 1.25 2 13A Total 4.5

Product Code Dimensions (mm)** Gross Weight Netweight
FC3A 210 x 170 x 148 2.06 1.82
FC7A 210 x 170 x 148 2.16 1.92
FC13A 210 x 170 x 148 2.26 2.06

When the Control Freak Frequency Controller is used to control more than one fan, each fan will run at the same speed. E.g. if you set the frequency to be 50%, both fans will run at 50% of their maximum speed.

The amount of air movement is dependent on the fan size. To achieve negative pressure inside the grow room we recommend that you run a smaller intake fan than extractor fan.


Temperature - The temperature can be displayed in °C or °F and can changed at any time by using the °C & °F buttons.

Manual / Auto - The unit can be switched to Manual or Auto mode. This can be changed at any time by using the Manual & Auto buttons.

Manual Mode

In manual mode the fan speed is controlled manually by the user settings. The controller will maintain the fan's power setting while on.

When in manual mode, the user must set the Fan Speed setting for all connected fans and can be adjusted from 10-100% using the + & - buttons when 'fan speed' is selected. The controller will then maintain the fan speed at the user set %.

Automatic Mode

In auto mode, the connected fans speed is controlled automatically to achieve the required room temperature. The fans will ramp up or down to maintain a stable environment.

In Auto mode the user must set:

Temperature: This is the required room temperature and can be adjusted from 10-55 °C (50-131°F) using the + & - buttons.

Min Fan:The slowest the fan will go when regulating your temperature

Max FanThe fastest your fan will go while regulating temperature.


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