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  • Cost-effective and flexible air exchange option
  • Reinforced with a helical wire
  • Easy to use
  • A range of sizes to fit every garden

Uninsulated, reflective, flexible ducting for joints or connections. Manufactured from aluminium & polyester film to form a puncture resistant multi-ply laminate supported by an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix. The duct meets the requirements of BS476 parts 6, 7 & 20.

Ducting is essential for proper air exchange in a growing environment, allowing the stomata on the leaf to exchange gasses to get the best growth possible.

Our ducting is supplied in 5m sections, if you require 10m, purchase a quantity of 2.


How to Use:

Match the ducting size with the size of your fan

This ducting can be used to bring fresh air into a space (intake) or to remove stale air from an environment (outtake)

We recommend the use of worm clips to attach ducting to your fans and filters to ensure a tight fit with no leakage