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Emerald Harvest - Root Wizard

Emerald Harvest - Root Wizard

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  • Jump-start bigger root mass
  • Increase nutrient uptake in the root zone
  • Introduce beneficial bacteria to plants in hydroponic gardens
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Straight from Cali

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Emerald Harvest Root Wizard is a fast-acting root builder that encourages healthy root growth for plants in hydroponic systems. Several strains of beneficial bacteria invigorate the rhizosphere helping to bulk-out root mass. Increased root mass enables you to feed more aggressively via improved nutrient absorption.

Build up your plant cell walls to support maximum yields with Sturdy Stalk, a potassium silicate supplement from Emerald Harvest. The fortifying formulation strengthens cell walls leading to bulkier interior plant structure.

Outdoor dirt gardens naturally contain a myriad of microbes that enhance root vigour and boost nutrient uptake. Root Wizard mimics nature and supplies your hydroponic growing medium the same beneficial bacteria that colonise the root zone and encourage roots to grow.

Designed to increase the bio-activity that bulks up root mass, the plant-symbiotic microorganisms in Root Wizard help break down organic matter into bio-available nutrients, so your plants absorb and assimilate more of what they need from plant food for growth, maintenance and flowering. Beneficial bacteria in the root zone are hard-working components of your plants’ well-being. They clean up and recycle unneeded waste via enzymatic activity in the rhizosphere. This helps your plants profit from nutrition more efficiently.

Root Wizard is tailor made to give your garden the robust root system it needs for strength, vitality and maximum productivity.

Use Root Wizard as a supplement to a base nutrient series for guaranteed professional results.


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