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Eutech Multi-Parameter Pocket Tester

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  • Full pH range measurement at up to 0.01 pH resolution
  • Pure, medium and high Conductivity/TDS ranges – tester measures pure water!
  • Up to 5-point pH calibration and 3-point Conductivity calibration
  • Adjustable TDS factor and Temperature coefficient
  • User-friendly and easy to use with menu-driven set-up
  • Conserves power with selectable auto-off function

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Basic multi-parameter measurements on-the-go is so easy! Eutech’s Testr 35 multi-parameter series allows you to measure pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity and temperature with just one handy instrument. Made to fit your pocket – both in size and budget.


Pools and spas

Aquariums and fish farms

Agriculture and hydroponics

Cooling towers

Food processing

Water and wastewater treatment


Printing and chemical industries

Electroplating rinse tanks

Drinking water

Verification of reverse

Osmosis system operation

Recirculating system

Labs and ecological studies

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Brand Eutech
Size Buddhas Tree Coco A+B 10L