Air Movement Fans

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Air movement is an extremely important factor in your garden, with several benefits for both plant health and increased yield. Correct air movement equalises microclimates across the grow room so all spaces should be more uniform in terms of temperature and humidity leading to a consistent environment with fewer swings in the factors that affect plant growth. All of our fans are strong and robust and have been manufactured with a hydroponic environment in mind - they should see you through years of service. For more info on our selection of air movement fans, which one’s right for your requirements and how to use them in your garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Air Movement Fans

While your Carbon filter and Extractor Fan will draw stale, hot and CO2 depleted air from the top of your garden which will bring fresh air through any cracks, Its very easy to unintentionally develop pockets of stale air due to a lack of air movement. Ideally hydroponic gardens would have a gentle, oscillating breeze over all plants to prevent stale air pockets that are the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungus.

Proper circulation of air ensures that the fresh air from the intake is spread across all plants leading to improved CO2 levels around plants. If air is stale and stagnant, the leaf uses the available co2 around it - if this air is not refreshed the plant will slow its photosynthesis rate as the physical elements are not there for it to continue. If fresh air is constantly provided to leaves, CO2 will not be a limiting factor in your garden.

We recommend you use one circulation fan per 600w/1000w light for proper air movement - the more movement fans utilised, the lower speed each fan can be run at. Too strong a breeze can have a negative effect such as wind burn, where the transpiration rate of the plants exceeds their uptake which dries out the leaves, causing slow growth. When a single fan is used in a large grow room, you’ll have to run it on full to reach the plants at the back which may damage the plants closest the fan to wind burn.

Indoor Gardens without air circulation can develop layers within it that have different environment conditions - Heat rises to the top of your space which leaves the air near the floor substantially cooler than the top of your garden. The air directly underneath your lamps will also have the tendency to excessively heat up. Settling into bands of various thicknesses that tend to settle out and not mix. This Stratification of layers is easy to avoid by using air mixing fans to circulate air both vertically and horizontally.

Properly mixed air will give more accurate readings for both temperature and humidity as readings are normally taken from a single point of reference - your thermohygrometer. The more the air is mixed throughout your entire space, the more your readings will be representative of the space as a whole.

Clip-On Fan

Clip-on fans are perfect for those in tents as the fans can easily be attached to the poles of the tent, taking up no floor space and leaving more room for your plants - You can even mount clip-on fans above the reflector aiming down so it won’t cast a shade on your plants.

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans move through 90°, easily fitting into a corner with coverage all the way between the adjacent walls. Pedestal fans are most suited to providing airflow between the canopy and lights in larger spaces - air movement is required here due to the heat build up caused by the hot grow lamps, even in air cooled set-ups. Pedestal fans are most often set in the horizontal position so the air they produce is able to ‘touch’ further along the canopy - They are vertically variable so you can move air up and down to disrupt the stratification of layers.

RAM Floor Fans

Sturdy, robust and good performance, the floor fans from Rapid Air Movement (RAM) comfortably sit on the floor of your grow room. They can be locked into position through a full 360° so can be positioned to provide airflow anywhere in the room. We recommend you position your floor fan to blow on your reflectors or ceiling rather than the plants themselves to keep air refreshed without putting plants under undue stress from excess wind.

Oscillating Box Fan

Box fans are compact, powerful and reliable. They’re able to oscillate their air output by means of a rotating front plate that constantly changes the wind direction. The square profile and fact that the whole unit isn’t required to move means they’re perfect for use in areas that require space saving techniques. You can also hang box fans upside down with some string or wire or even mount them on a simple shelf - they’re not just floor fans. Box fans will still produce airflow even if you back them up to a wall so If you’ve got a tight space that requires a high airflow our box fans are perfect.


Systemair’s Diffuseair equally distributes your intake air into 12 different directions so all plants in the room recieve a uniform amount of fresh air. Due to the equal distribution, Diffuseairs also have the benefit of mixing the layers of air to equalise the thermo hygro properties of the airspace. Unlike other types of air circulation fan, diffuseairs are easily mounted to your ceiling or support bars in a tent - This will allow you more space on the floor for plants.

Getting the air circulation correct can be a bit tricky - you want enough fresh air passing through the space to replenish the used CO2 but too much airflow can have negative effects. Try to avoid gale force winds that can batter plants - you want an even low level of movement where leaves are only just noticeably swaying.

If you’ve got more questions about the Air Movement Fans we stock or if you’re unsure which one is right for you, email us or get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 who can advise you on the best air movement fans for your size of garden and plant requirements