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Flexible Garden Trays

Flexible Garden Trays

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  • High quality trays that can fit where others can't


Just as flexi-tanks have grown in popularity in terms of being a great alternative to rigid water butts, so the Flexible Garden Trays provide a smart solution for smaller grow rooms and limited space set-ups. Tough yet flexible, the trays come in different sizes; 0.8 Metre, 1 Metre & 1.2 Metre Square. You can use the Flexible Garden Trays as a catchment tray or, for example, to keep work spaces clean and tidy. As they're fully flexible the trays can be rolled up or folded for easier storage and will immediately regain their original shape when you are ready to use them. The material is a blend of high quality plastic and rubber, and as well as being useful for hydroponic growers, the Flexible Garden trays can be used around the house too.


Cable Length 2.5M

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