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FloraFlex - Matrix Circulator Disk

FloraFlex - Matrix Circulator Disk

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  • Evenly distribute nutrient solution to each pot
  • Encourages roots to use the entire medium
  • Prevents algae
  • Less prone to blockages than traditional dripper systems
  • Easy to install and maintain

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Evenly distribute nutrient solution, whatever substrate you use

The FloraFlex® Matrix System is a patent pending first of its kind Top Feeding Wicking System that provides the most even way to deliver water and nutrients to your potted plants. The Round Matrix System can be used with pots ranging from 9”-18” Diameters.

The Matrix was not designed to be suspended above, but rather directly on top of, or touching the medium. There are two dimensions for each unit, the larger one is the outer diameter. Measure your pot and purchase the Matrix that fits inside of it.

You will need a Matrix circulator unit, the same size matrix Pad, (optional), a correlating Matrix Circulator and enough FloraFlex pipework for each pot in your garden. Use with Open Flow Bubblers (not the Multi Flow Bubbler) for Maximum Pressure.

How the FloraFlex Matrix system Works:

In the Matrix System water and nutrients travel into the Circulator, hit the slope of the Matrix and are pushed outward into eight maze sections that have individual holes dripping the water and nutrients onto the Wicking Pad. There are eight slices to the pie, each section is fed the same amount, going through the maze for even distribution. The Matrix pad is a capillary mat used for wicking.

The Matrix disk is reusable and can sit on top of or fit into your pot, just be sure all surfaces are touching.

Choose your Matrix by your pot’s diameter:

9 - 10.5 inch 229mm – 267mm

10.5 - 12 inch 267mm – 305mm

12.5 - 14.5 inch 318mm – 368mm

Place the Matrix Pad on the surface of your pot, the Matrix Unit on top of it, press down, fit the Circulator into the center holes, and connect your 1/4” OD tubing to the Circulator.

Now let your plants enjoy the benefits of a Top Feeding Wicking System.

The system blocks light and keeps the top of your medium moist for a more even dry down.

There are holes on the side to allow bamboo sticks for stabilisation and to support your plant during profuse bloom.

You MUST use a Aquaking Submersible Pump with FloraFlex to generate enough pressure to properly operate the components.


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