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Flymo EasiLife Go 250 Robotic Lawnmower - 18V

Flymo EasiLife Go 250 Robotic Lawnmower - 18V

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  • Please allow 2-3 Working Days for delivery of this item.
  • Suitable for gardens up to 250m2
  • Control via simple Push and Go Interface and Mobile App
  • No emptying required – mulching lawnmower
  • Frost Sense avoids cutting your lawn when conditions are too cold
  • Automatic lawn mower cuts your lawn when your out - return to a beautiful lawn

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What is the Flymo EasiLife Go 250 Robotic Lawnmower - 18V?

Do you want a life where your lawn is kept in great shape for you, even when you're not at home? Technology fans unite!

Imagine inviting friends over for that last-minute BBQ, you've been busy and not had time to mow your lawn (eek)! Now you don't have to worry! You bought the EasiLife GO 250! With mobile phone app control from anywhere and a configurable schedule, you can rest assured that when you get back home, your lawn will be looking fresh and smart, ready to impress. As a bonus, having a robotic lawnmower is pretty cool - friends and neighbours will all be asking where you got it from.

Automated Robotic Lawnmower

This fully automatic robotic mower is designed for gardens up to 250m2. The Flymo EasiLife Go 250 gives you, that busy person with a full-on family and work life, one less job to worry about. Your new Sunday routine now has a window in to enjoy a cup of coffee and a sit down. This is the perfect time to reflect on your decision to buy this awesome automatic lawn mower, all while you watch it cut your lawn for you. This automatic mower is controllable via the EasiLife smartphone App and lets you configure and set a schedule in seconds. It then automatically cuts the lawn, returning to the charge station when needed.

Mobile Phone App and Mowing Schedule

The Flymo EasiLife Go 250 features a streamlined Push & Go interface for instant scheduling & control. The EasiLife app provides additional functionality with access to advanced options and troubleshooting. LawnSense and FrostSense functionality automatically adapts the cutting schedule, based on weather and lawn growth conditions. You can put the charging station virtually anywhere around the edge of the lawn - even in corners. The mower uses a guide wire as a baseline for navigation (imagine it's how the mower sees its surroundings). The guide wire allows you to set multiple start points, optimising navigation to and from the charge station, preventing track marks and ensuring every corner of the lawn is cut. PassageSense allows your new best friend, the EasiLife Go 250, to navigate. It even allows it to cut narrow passages, down to a minimum of 60cm wide.

What are the Key Benefits of the Flymo EasiLife Go 250 Robotic Lawnmower - 18V?

The following key benefits are features designed in to the Flymo EasiLife GO 250 18V Robotic Lawnmower. They outline why you need this handy mower in your garden life:

  • Simplified 'Push & Go' interface
  • Flexible charging position
  • Intelligent guide wire
  • LawnSense
  • FrostSense
  • Total control via smartphone
  • Ultra quiet mowing
  • No emptying required

Simplified 'Push & Go' Interface

No screen or complex programming. LED indicators guide you for quick and easy control. Push button control allows for local control.

Flexible Charging Position

With fewer restrictions and more freedom, this mower is flexible enough to be placed anywhere around the lawn edge – even tucked away in a corner.

Intelligent Guide Wire

The intelligent guide wire allows you to program start points for multiple cutting areas of lawn to efficiently guide the mower home without leaving tracks.


This lawn mower is capable of detecting grass growth and automatically adjusting the schedule to suit growing conditions. This works to ensure an even cut and to protect the lawn.


FrostSense disables the mower from mowing when there is a potential of frost damage to your lawn. With FrostSense, it stays at home, docked, until it’s warm enough to mow.

Total Control via Smartphone

Access to your robotic mower's settings and schedule means you can create schedules and change settings all sat in your favourite chair. The smartphone app gives you full access to extended settings, scheduling & trouble shooting for your mower.

Ultra Quiet Mowing

At only 58dB(A) the Flymo EasiLife Go 250 Robotic Lawnmower won't disturb you or your neighbours. You can set the mower to cut your lawn before that mid-morning rain is due, while you have a lie-in - or leave it to the Lawnsense functionality to handle the schedule.

No Emptying Required – Mulching Functionality

No need to empty a grassbox or dispose of grass clippings ever again, due to regular mowing and mulching. Lawn mulching is where the mower circulate the grass clippings and chops them into smaller particles that rot down quickly into the soil. Mulching improves the texture and content of the soil, and works to reduce diseases and thatch, resulting in a greener, healthier looking lawn.

Flymo Corded EasiLife Go 250 Robotic Lawnmower Product Dimensions

Item Dimension (cm)
Product Length (handles assembled) 51.8
Product Height 21.5
Product Width 33.7

Flymo Corded EasiLife Go 250 Robotic Lawnmower Product Specifications

Feature Specification
App Connected Yes
Power Type Battery
Battery 18V
Blade Type 3 Pivoting Razor Blades
Boundary Wire (m) 150
Cutting Heights (cm) 2-5
Cutting width (cm) 16
Information Panel LED Light Indicators
Pegs Quantity 150
Product Weight (kg) Lawn mower 6.1
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) dB(A) 58
Software Update Possibility Yes

User Manuals

Downloadable manuals are available using the following links:


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