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Gardening Indoors with Hydroponics and Soil

Gardening Indoors with Hydroponics and Soil

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  • This Fifth Edition of Gardening Indoors with Soil & HYDROPONICS, a Best Seller since 1986, is expanded and completely rewritten with all new information
  • Discover how to achieve the best yields with limited space and a small budget.
  • More than 670 full-colour photos, drawings, charts and graphs illustrations.


The perfect gift for green-fingered seasoned gardeners and novices alike, Gardening Indoors with Hydroponics and Soil is packed with information that will benefit any indoor gardener. Easy to read, this user-friendly guide is the ideal companion for indoor gardeners looking to find simple solutions to cultivation issues; it really is a one-stop encyclopedia of gardening knowledge! With over 670 full-colour photographs, the book is beautifully illustrated, with graphs, charts and drawings to explain key points. The fifth edition has been expanded and rewritten, packed with updated information for a new generation of indoor gardeners. It's an essential read and a must for any indoor gardeners looking for the ultimate gardening book, or anyone wondering what to buy their green-fingered friends.


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