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Gardman Galvanised Barrel Strainers - Twin Pack

Gardman Galvanised Barrel Strainers - Twin Pack

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  • Galvanised barrel strainers twin pack
  • Simple to attach and use
  • Tension anything from plant supports to washing lines
  • Rust resistant galvanised steel
  • Threaded bar keeps tension longer

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What are Gardman Galvanised Barrel Strainers - Twin Pack

Gardman galvanised barrel strainers are used to put and hold tension in wires. Fixed to a vine eye they allow you to tighten them to put tension on a wire or rope. Used with braided wire, these barrel strainers are great for helping to maintain the structural integrity of plant supporting structures. Use to increase the tension on any line, wire or rope. You can even use them to temporarily fix or tension a washing line. Being galvanised steel, they're rust resistant and will last for years.

The long-threaded hooks remain in place under tension. The strainers barrel makes it easy to turn, allowing you to apply as much tension as you need to tension your wires/ropes.

What Can I Use Gardman Galvanised Barrel Strainers For?

The Gardman galvanised barrel strainers are perfect to fix to fence posts with screw-In vine eyes. They make creating plant supporting structures really easy. Use them to tension wires to train your raspberry plants up. They can also be used to help tension wires to train vines between wooden structures, like pergolas.

Use Gardman galvanised barrel strainers to put tension in to the wires of fence screening kits. This will keep your screening taught and help to maintain much better look.


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