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Gardman Suet Filled Bamboo

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  • Blend of seeds set in suet for a high-value winter bird feed
  • Recommended for all year round feeding - excellent winter food
  • Extra high in fat
  • Easy to hang on a tree or bird station
  • An ideal treat for birds

What is the Gardman Suet Filled Bamboo?

Gardman Suet Filled Bamboo feeders are packed full of suet and seeds, specifically chosen for their high energy and fat content. These feeders are simple to use and perfect for year round feeding. They work to give your garden birds an extra helping hand during the cold winter months. Feeding easy access, high-energy seeds and mealworms helps to attract more colourful birds to bring a welcome splash of colour to brighten up your garden.

These specialist, suet coconut feeders are packed with energy from the high fat ingredients. These feeders provide all the essential winter energy birds need. They're perfect for hanging anywhere in your garden.

Gardman Suet Filled Bamboo Attract More Wild Birds To Your Garden

If you want to attract a variety and better quality of wild birds to your garden, then you'll want to feed the Gardman and Peckish Bird Food range. Both ranges offer an attractive selection of high-value bird feeds and feeders. Feeding birds and your wider local wildlife is important all year round, but especially important during the colder months, as access to their natural foods diminishes.

Why Should I Use Gardman Suet Filled Bamboo?

The Gardman Suet Filled Bamboo Feeder is a specialist feed, aimed at attracting smaller, clinging garden birds, like: Bluetits, Longtails and colourful finches. The suet and seed mix is high in fat to help provide birds with the essential energy they need all year round, but especially during the colder months. The blend of high-value feed and nutrients supplement your garden birds health, so they return to your garden for longer.

Feeding Tips for Gardman Suet Filled Bamboo Feeder


With modern intensive farming and agricultural methods, a birds natural food resources are scarcer. This makes it essential for us to help out, feeding birds all year round. Once you have started to feed the birds with a garden bird feeder, it is important to continue and develop a routine. Your local birds will become reliant on your help.


When you're feeding birds, it's just as important to maintain a supply of fresh, clean drinking water for drinking and bathing is also vital.

What Kind of British Wild Birds Could I Attract In My Garden?

The Gardman Suet Filled Bamboo feeder offers a mix of suet and seeds to attract Robins (and other birds) in to your garden. This feeder will attract the following British wild birds:

  • Dunnock
  • Robin
  • House Sparrow
  • Goldfinch
  • Bullfinch
  • Blue Tit
  • Chaffinch
  • Greenfinch
  • Coal Tit
  • Long Tailed Tit
  • Great Tit
  • Song Thrush
  • Blackbird
  • Nuthatch and many more!

WARNING: Bird foods may contain nuts, always read the label before use. Wear protective gloves and thoroughly wash your hands after use.

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