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Gavita Pro 600w SE E-Series Grow Light Fixture

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  • Professional standard in efficient grow room lighting
  • 1150 μmol s-1 – perfect for a 1.2m footprint
  • Silent running, cool to touch, no electromagnetic interference
  • 400v, high frequency delivering 10-25% more output to plants
  • E-series is compatible with the Gavita master controller
  • Long life - replace lamps once every 12 months
  • Available as standard or e-series that’s compatible with master controller
  • 5 dim options: 300w – 660w, 50% – 110%

Available as an E-series, which is compatible with the master controller, or the standard version which isn't compatible with the master controller.

Complete with everything you need to fire it up straight out of the box, the Gavita Pro 600w Single Ended (SE) grow light fixture will boost your yield thanks to strong electrical efficiency and high output. The solid state electronic switchable ballast (with no fans) ensures low heat dissipation, so it can be mounted close to your lamps with minimal interference and a compact profile.

Simple to install and mount, the Gavita Pro 600 Complete comes with two balanced eye bolts to easily hang the unit.

Considered as one of the most efficient grow lamps on the market, the Gavita 400v 600w SE bulbs have been developed specifically for the horticultural market and for use with electronic ballasts. 400v fixtures operate at a much higher frequency than standard 230v systems, allowing per photons per second to be delivered to the canopy of your plants.

The Fixture has an LED status indicator, microprocessor controls and UV resistant rubber wiring to ensure a long lifespan and effortless operation of the electronic ballast. The fixture is shipped with the HR 96 reflector. The Gavita 600 SE is available as a standard model or an e-series that can be used with Gavita master controllers. Make sure you pick the correct type of unit for your intended purpose!

Gavita’s E-Series lights are compatible with the Master controller , allowing the control of up to 80 Gavita E-series lights simultaneously. You won’t need a switchboard, contactor or timer if you use a Gavita Master Controller as it will automatically switch on and off at your chosen time. When in sunrise and sunset mode, this will happen over a 30 minute period to ease plants in to the intensity, as happens in nature – giving plants a chance to wake up and shut down as the dimming ramps up or down. There’s no worry of overheating, short circuits or high inrushes – your Master Controller will take care of this! The controller can even start turning off lights in the event ambient temperatures rise above safe levels.

How to use:

Make sure you only use 400v lamps in this fixture!

Use a clean cloth when installing lamps as any residue can effect the efficiencies of both the reflector and bulb.

Suspend your fixture with one of our light hangars, securely attaching your grow lights and allowing for easy vertical repositioning.

Avoid anything touching the lamp during operation.

Avoid using spray during lights on.