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Grow It Watergel - Water Storing Crystals

Grow It Watergel - Water Storing Crystals

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  • Watergel absorbs several hundred times its weight in water
  • Slowly releases water and reduces the need to water by up to 4x
  • Easy to use - mix 5g Watergel to 5 litres of compost
  • Single treatment lasts all season
  • Perfect for Hanging Baskets, Container growing or improving water retention in dry soils

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What are Grow It Watergel - Water Storing Crystals?

Grow it Watergel works by the crystals absorbing several hundred times their own weight of water and slowly releasing it to your plants. One application will last all season. Using Watergel reduces the need for watering by up to four times - perfect for the busy gardener. Using Watergel lets even the super-busy have great looking plants. Now it won't matter if you don't get around to watering when you meant to, because something else cropped up.

How Does Grow It Watergel Work?

Watergel is perfect for hanging baskets, wall mangers, troughs, pots and containers, working to improve your plants health and aiding flower production. Watergel slowly releases water to plants and flowers when they demand it.

Watergel also soaks up any soluble plant food or nutrients you feed your plants and flowers. This provides an "always-on" source of plant feed and water for houseplants.

How Do I Use Grow It Watergel?

One application of Watergel lasts all season. For user instructions, follow the below guidelines:

Hanging Baskets & Containers

  • Mix 5g per 5 litres of compost - mix well with compost before planting
  • Water well and leave Watergel to soak for 1-2 hours before planting

Dry Soils

  • Scatter 50g of Watergel per square metre and rake it in well

Cuttings & Flowers

  • Use 15g per 500ml of water and mix in well


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