1000 Watt Lighting Kits

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If you’ve got a lot of head height and a large indoor garden, you can’t get better than 1000w units. 1000w grow light’s high output enables much deeper penetration of light through the canopy than lower wattage lights – be careful though as you’ll need more height to stop tips burning and the increased power consumption comes with higher amounts of heat. Read our buyers guide below for more info on 1000w grow lights

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Buyer's Guide

1000w Grow Light Fixtures

1000w grow lights have the highest output of any wattage of grow light, providing a high intensity of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) that facilitates plant growth.

1000w lighting kits have the highest penetration through the canopy, meaning fruit and flowers lower down the branches get enough light to properly develop. This enables higher yields in the same size of space when compared to lower wattage units as more of the branches are stacked with fruit.

1000w HPS lights are perfect for lighting a footprint of 1.5m x 1.5m. If you’re looking to use 1000w lights in your grow room, break the space down into 1.5m2 sections and hang one 1000w light at the centre of each section.

The one thing about 1000w light fixtures that can be considered a negative is the amount of height needed due to the intensity and heat the unit can output. The distance you need to keep your fixtures can vary due to different environmental conditions but will be between 40 - 80cm.