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Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen

Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen

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  • Cleans and oxygenates the reservoir
  • Can be used daily to prevent disease.
  • Can be used to sterilize a system.
  • Reclaim a substrate to use it again!
  • Variety of sizes to suite all gardens


Liquid Oxygen contains 17.5% hydrogen peroxide H202. Hydrogen Peroxide is a molecule which is fundamental to life itself, participating in all the metabolic processes in plants and animals.

When added to the nutrient tank it will quickly break down into pure water (H20), releasing the extra oxygen atom into the solution where it can be taken up by the roots in much the same way as nutrient ions.


Hydroponic Systems –

normal operation

Liquid Oxygen can be added to nutrient tanks on a regular – even daily – basis. The purpose of this would be to provide extra oxygen to the roots and to keep the solution free of pathogens and disease. If the system is healthy to begin with then Liquid Oxygen should help to keep it that way.

• Add to tank daily at the rate of 5 ml per 10 litres of tank volume.

• If it is not possible to add it so regularly it can be added two to three times per week at the rate of 1 ml per litre.

• Stir thoroughly before circulating to plants.

• It will be best to mix the required amount of Liquid Oxygen with a litre of lukewarm water before adding to tank.


Hydroponic Systems –

with disease problems

Liquid Oxygen can be helpful in clearing up root diseases, such as Pythium, and in eliminating the conditions in which such problems can flourish. Sometimes the same problems can be caused by simple over-watering – not enough oxygen at the root interface. In either case the treatment is essentially the same. The following procedure will often solve the problem but no guarantees can be given



Liquid Oxygen can be used to clean and sterilise the hydroponic system and growing medium. It is a powerful and very aggressive liquid and it will effectively kill all pathogens and harmful bacteria. If using a medium such as Perlite or expanded clay, remove as many of the old roots as possible. Then soak the medium in a concentrated solution of Liquid Oxygen. This will oxidise organic matter in the medium and assist in its rapid decomposition. Remember to flush medium thoroughly with fresh water before re-use. To sterilise a hydroponic system, make up Liquid Oxygen in the tank and circulate it around the system to sterilise all the pipe work, drippers etc. Once again remember to flush the system thoroughly with fresh water, or wait a few days, before installing new plants. For cleanup solution: 10ml/Litre


Available in 250ml, 1L and 5L



Liquid Oxygen is highly concentrated.

The active ingredient is a volatile and aggressive chemical.

Treat Liquid Oxygen with great caution and handle with due care.



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