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Hailea Nutrient Chillers

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  • Ensure your nutrition solution is at the correct temperature
  • Essential for warm growing environments during summer
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit any garden
  • Quiet operating noise


Monitoring the temperature of your nutrient solution is so important, and if you're looking for the answer to your cooling issues, this Hailea Water Chiller HC 100A is perfect. If your nutrient solution gets too hot, it can breed algae growth which could lower crop yield or even lead to the development of root disease.

Protect your plants with this water chiller which uses an eco-friendly Freon-free R134a refrigerating system to keep your nutrient solution cool; These Hailea nutrients chillers work on a similar principle to a fridge.

If you're in an active hydroponic system, like DWC, NFT or ebb and flow, a chiller is essential for trouble-free summer growth.

These easy-to-use water chillers have an electronic display and digital temperature control for accuracy, housed in a stylish, contemporary metal case, with an anti-corrosive titanium evaporator for fresh and salt water.

As the water temperature rises, its capacity for carrying dissolved gases such as oxygen decreases, meaning less dissolved oxygen for roots to access. This can cause slowed growth and increases the chances of roots getting infected from root rot diseases such as Pythium and Fusarium.

HC – 100A

Power: 0.05 HP / 230v / 0.6A
Nutrient solution capacity: 50 – 220L

Size: 420 × 248 × 365mm

Water flow rate needed: 200 - 1000 L/Hr
Recommended water pump: MJ 750
Pipe needed: 12.5mm Iceline Piping


HC – 150A

Power: 0.1 HP / 230v / 1.1A
Nutrient solution capacity: 50 - 400L

Size: 420 × 248 × 365mm
Water flow rate needed: 250 - 1200 L/Hr
Recommended water pump: MJ 1000
Pipe needed: 12.5mm Iceline Piping



HC – 300A

Power: 0.25 HP / 230v / 1.8A

Nutrient solution capacity: 100 – 800L

Size: 448 × 330 × 440mm

Water flow rate needed: 1000 - 2500 L/Hr

Recommended water pump: NewJet 1700
Pipe needed: 19mm Iceline Piping


HC – 500A

Power: 0.5 HP / 230v / 2.4A

Nutrient solution capacity: 200 – 1200L

Size: 475 × 360 × 490mm

Water flow rate needed: 1200 - 3000 L/Hr

Recommended water pump: NewJet 2300
Pipe needed: 25mm Iceline Piping


How to Use:

To select the right Chiller for your equipment, find the total capacity in litres of your system (this is normally the size of the reservoir). If the capacity of the chiller exceeds your systems total capacity, the chiller will perform perfectly and be cheaper to run. we recommend buying a larger chiller than you need to achieve your target temps quicker.

Keep chillers outside of the growing space as the unit warms up while cooling the water, if it was inside your space it could heat up the air, increasing ambient temperatures.

We also recommend you install a Barbed Inline Filter to remove particulates from the water and prevent the lines from being clogged.

You should clean your chiller every cycle. You can do this by circulating your normal cleaning solution through the chiller and wiping it down externally. Remember to run clean water through the chiller before you put any plants back into the system.

Hailea chillers are air cooled and have an air filter. we recommend cleaning this filter once a cycle to ensure efficiencies.

Ideally, your chiller would be outside the growing environment, If you must have it inside your garden, leave plenty of space around it for proper air exchange.

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