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House & Garden Magic Green Foliar Spray

House & Garden Magic Green Foliar Spray

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  •  Foliar Spray ensures fast and effective growth, dissolves any discolourations caused by nutrient deficiencies and provides the plant with a healthy and vital leaf colour.
  • Magic Green feeds the plant through the leaves and also coats them with a protective barrier against pests and disease.
  • Magic Green works by strengthening the internal veins of the leaf and helping in the photosynthesis within the leaf.


Unlike humans, the greener your plant the healthier it is! Ensure your plants have a green and healthy glow, courtesy of House & Garden Magic Green Foliar Spray. This specially formulated product is designed to give a mother plants and plants at the early stages of growth a boost, leading to lusher, greener foliage and stronger, sturdier leaves.  House & Garden Magic Green Foliar Spray is both prevention and cure, and forms a protective layer of wax on the leaf which will deter fungi and insect attack.  Just like magic, this amazing House & Garden product will revitalise your damaged plants or give new plants a push in the right direction. It is very easy to use and can be sprayed straight onto leaves.


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