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Hozelock Assembled Hose Cart 90m

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  • Freestanding with wheels and handle for easy transport
  • Fits up to 90-meters of 13 mm (1/2") hose
  • Two hose end connectors included
  • 2-year warranty

What is the Hozelock Assembled Hose Cart - 90-metre?

The Hozelock assembled hose cart's sturdy base and pair of wheels make it stable and easy to transport. The free-moving reel allows you to store up to 90-metres of standard 13 mm hose. The reel is made from high-quality, lasting materials designed to withstand repetitive gardening tasks. The manual rewind makes coiling and uncoiling long lengths of hose simple. The slimline, open drum design makes storage easy and keeps your hose safely off the ground. The extra-long handle length makes towing easy with a full reel.

NOTE: Hose not included.

How Do I Use The Hozelock Hose Cart?

The Hozelock hose cart is simple to use and store for rapid deployment of your garden hose. An extended handle makes for easy transport, with a full reel. The hose cart makes washing your car easier. A side "water-in" port allows you to add a length of supply hose so you can pull as much (or as little) of the hose off the reel to carry out the job you need it for, before reeling it back in for safe storage.

Using the Hozelock hose cart couldn't be easier. An internal male hose connector allows you to fit your hose pipe using a female hose end connector. Having the hose connected to the hose cart drum allows you to use your hose pipe while it's partially rolled up.

For normal use, simply pull the hose out, connect a supply hose to your tap and turn the tap on. When you're finished, reel it back in by hand. The hose cart reel keeps the hose off the floor and allows you to neatly store it away for next time, avoiding any trip hazards.

Title Specification
Weight 4 kg
Size/Capacity Hose - 90m of 13mm (1/2")
Hose - 50m of 15mm (5/8")
Hose - 35m of 19mm (3/4")
With/Without Hose Without Hose Pipe
Wall Mounted or Freestanding Freestanding
Material Plastic

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NOTE: This hose cart is NOT compatible with hose pipes with crimped ends, such as the Tuffhose or Superhoze - expanding hose. It is compatible with hose pipe's such as the Starter hose set with fittings or an Ultraflex hose pipe and not forgetting those hose end connectors.

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