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MaxiBright CFL Grow Lights

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  • Blue 6400K for vegetation
  • Red 2700K for flower/fruit
  • Energy efficient
  • Low heat output
  • Optimum plant yields
  • Integrated ballast – no external ballast required
  • E40 Fitting

Maxibright Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) give you excellent quality and guaranteed reliability. All lamps in the Maxibright range are energy efficient with low heat output and come complete with an integrated electronic ballast. Maxibright CFLs are available in two colour temperatures to suit each plant stage: red 2700K and blue 6400K.

New to the market is the Dual Spectrum 250W CFL. The latest in horticultural technology, they are enhanced with red and blue colour temperatures to provide both essential light wavelengths throughout the growing process. As a result, you are always guaranteed optimum plant yields & growth, whatever stage you're in.

CFL’s have a very high PAR output; the light that is available for plants to use in their photosynthetic processes.

CFL’s contain an integrated ballast, so no external ballast is required, all you need is a cfl reflector or cfl light Hanger and you're good to grow!

We stock a range of different watts to suit the needs of every garden - make sure you look around at the various options to make sure your'e buying the correct colour and wattage for your application.