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Mills Vitalize

Mills Vitalize

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  • Immediately available silicone supplement.
  • Noticeable increase in plant strength
  • Promotion of plant growth and vitality.
  • Increased resistance to disease and insects.
  • Reduced mineral toxicity.
  • Increased nutrient uptake resulting in higher yields.
  • Can reduce water loss after harvest.

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Considered the jewel in the crown of the mills range – benefits can be seen by everyone regardless of skill level or experience.

Vitalize contains mono-silicic acid which is immediately available for plants to uptake and use as part of their structure and cells. Vitalize is particularly useful in pure-water systems like DWC as silicon is less available but benefits can be seen in any system or substrate.

Increased silicic acid helps plants build stronger structures that can repel infection and insect attack through increased defence system against environmental stress. The increased strength can support a larger, heavier yielding crop. Vitalize also increases sugar content, producing a sweeter, nicer tasting crop with a longer shelf life.

Vitalize is derived mainly from organic sources but contains some mineral compounds. It can be used all the way through the lifecycle of a crop in any substrate.

How to Use:

Never mix nutrients in their concentrated form as it can spoil the effectiveness and can potentially be dangerous. Mills advise adding vitalize first to your solution before adding the A + B and then any other supplements or boosters while mixing the reservoir after addition.


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