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Nutriculture Flo-Gro Complete Dripper Systems

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  • Easy access to the pump and nutrients
  • Adjustable Delivery Tube
  • Three sizes; easily match your choice with available space
  • Achieve an excellent low level system to maximise headroom
  • Deluxe fittings to permit faster drainage

Make the most of your space with a self-contained Nutriculture Flo-Gro Complete Dripper System

Among the various hydroponic techniques used in the UK, you’ll find that the Flo-Gro uses perhaps one of the most popular. It comes as a complete kit, having all the items you need to get growing quickly. There is easy access to the pump and nutrients and an adjustable delivery tube. There are three sizes so you can match your choice with available space and grow light arrangements. The Flo-Gro set-up is low maintenance and delivers an even distribution of a large volume of nutrient solution to your plants, cuttings and seedlings. You can achieve an excellent low level system to maximise headroom and there are deluxe fittings to permit faster drainage. Your plants are grown inside a chamber that is filled with Clay Pebbles. This growing chamber is positioned in such a way as to be suspended above a reservoir filled with nutrient-enriched water. This nutrient solution is driven up through the pumping column by the submersible pump. It then passes through a drip feeder and flows down through the clay pebbles. In this way the nutrient solution becomes infused with oxygen and you will find it constantly bathes your plant roots, stimulating growth and development for lush leaf growth, rapid root development and bigger, stronger plants. In addition to the Submersible Pump, Delivery Tube and Drip Ring, there is a Planter and a Plastic Tank, plus an Acid Test Kit. Most growers get substantial yields from using a Flo-Gro system.

Flo-Grow Hydroponic System

Why are they Great?

Perfect for growers who want to:

  • Grow small numbers of high quality plants
  • Cultivate a mother plant for cuttings
  • Benefit from pebbles without having to be precise with the timer
  • Make the most of space with a self-contained system


SystemSize L x W x H cmNo. of Plants
FG500 56 x 46 x 28 1
FG510 103 x 54 x 30 2
FG520 70 x 70 x 27 4

Hints and Tips:

Feed time guide for pebbles
Start 2 x 15 minutes feeds per day
Veg 3-4 x 15 minute feeds per day
Flower 4-6 x 15 minute feeds per day