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Shogun Coco Starter Kit

Shogun Coco Starter Kit

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  • Formulated specifically to complement chemistry of Coco Coir
  • All nutritional needs are covered right through a cycle.
  • Additives and boosters included for stunning results.
  • Concentrated; Low dilution rates.
  • SmartZen Yield Maximiser can increase yields by up to 8%
  • AquaZen Slow Water ingredient for superior media wetting capability and enhanced root development

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All the nutrition required for great results in Coco coir through an entire cycle.

Cheaper than when bought separately, this represents real value for money if you’re looking to embark on a hydroponic project for the first time or if you’re unhappy with your current nutrient range, this can provide the perfect trial run to test what Shogun can bring to your garden.

Coco Coir has slightly different chemical properties to other hydroponic mediums and soil – Coco is different from hydroponics as the coco provides some buffering, while it contains a lot less nutrients than soil. Under normal growroom conditions, coco has the tendency to absorb calcium and magnesium while releasing phosphorous and potassium. Shogun have formulated their coco base nutrients to account for the nuances of coco so your plants will receive all the nutrition they need.

SHOGUN Samurai Coco also includes the revolutionary SmartZen Yield Maximiser and AquaZen Slow Water ingredients – two developments that are simply without equal in all other coco nutrients. AquaZen allows your nutrient solution to permeate the coco while SmartZen is a blend of natural compounds to stimulate growth derived from other plants, bacteria and fungus.

Starter pack contains: (for more info click on the product)

>1L Shogun Samurai Coco A+B: Base nutrient specifically formulated for coco

>Katana Roots – 250ml: Creates explosive root growth in all types of propagation media.

>Silicon – 250ml: Like the protective armour of a Samurai Warrior, SHOGUN Silicon protects and fortifies your plants against attack from both disease and pests whilst also strengthening the very structure of the plant.

>CalMag – 250ml: Expect huge improvements; Higher nutrient uptake and translocation of nutrients around the plant, increasing growth rates during vegetative growth and higher yields throughout flower.

>Sumo Active – 250ml: champion of all yield boosters it triggers rapid gains in yield and quality by initiating a powerful and targeted flowering response.

>PK Warrior 9/18 – 250ml: Optimum Phosphorus and Potassium ratio for maximum flower potential.

>Dragon Force – 250ml: Providing a final and decisive boost to your plants before harvest, SHOGUN Dragon Force is an expertly formulated final flowering feed designed to be used in the final two weeks before harvest.

How to use:

A full feed schedule is supplied with the coco nutrient multipack.

We recommend to use ½ strength nutrients and slowly work your way up in dilution strength. Overdoses are much harder to treat than underfed plants.


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