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Optilux 1000w 400v DE HPS Lamp

Optilux 1000w 400v DE HPS Lamp

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  • Horticulturally engineered bloom lamp
  • 2.1 umol per watt
  • 1 Year manufacturers guarantee
  • Efficient, High frequency lighting
  • CE, FCC, UL & ROHS approved


Replacement Bulb - Intense Grow Light - Tailored for Bloom

Compatible with any 1000 W 400 V Double-Ended (DE) reflector and ballast, the optilux 1000 W 400 V DE HPS lamp represents amazing value for money – in fact, you won’t find a 1000 W 400 V lamp like this for the price anywhere else!

Works in:

This HPS grow light produces a PAR output of 2100 umol/m2/s or 155000 Lumens. The spectral output is mostly in the yellow, orange and red side of the spectrum with some UV – which is perfect for aromatic flowering annuals. Check out the spectral graph below to see the spectral output.

With a higher (plant usable) output than traditional, single ended 1000 W lamps, the Optilux 1000 W 400 V lamp will give you a higher yield over a large footprint. Perfect for larger grow rooms or those with higher ceilings.

The Optilux 1000 W 400 V DE HPS grow lamp gave similar or better spectral results in tests against the best selling commercial lamps. The lamps degrade slowly, so light output remains high and stable for consistently outstanding results.

How Do I Use Double-Ended Grow Lamps?:

Make sure you install the lamp in the same orientation as the one you’re replacing. This lamp will only fire in 400 V, double ended light fixtures.

DE lamps have a longer lifespan than single ended lamps. Replace lamps once a year or after 10,000 hours of operation.


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